Mid-High Roadmap

Woven into your UOTeach study plan are all graduate requirements for your MEd and licensure requirements for your endorsement area. Upon completion you should be eligible for a preliminary license in your Mid-High content area with a potential for adding an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement.

To help you successfully navigate the program, we provide you access related resources, give step-by-step course registration instructions, and structure learning and licensure activities.

Program Orientation:  Resource Links
1. Pre-Orientation Guide |  UOTeach FB | Cohort 11 FB 2019-20 Program Handbook | Mission / Key Initiatives
2. Satisfactory Performance & Clinical Placement Progress Student Code of Conduct | Professionalism Teaching
3. ORELA Testing Requirements NES Fee Waiver Form | TK20 Login
4. Program Calendar 2019-20  UO Calendars: UO Academic | UO Event | Fall Conferences | Equity & Social Justice TeachIN
5. Problem Solving | Conflict Resolution UOTeach Contacts | TSPC | Program Exit / Dismissal
6. GradSchool Policies Glossary of Terms
Academic Program of Study Resource Links
1. Mid High Study Plan (full-time)  Extended 2-Year Study Plan
2. Term Registration 1 Summer | 2 Fall | 3 Winter | 4 Spring
3. Added Endorsements
4. Credit Transfer / Waiver GradSchool Transfer Form | COE Waiver Form
5. Attendance Resolving Conditional Status | Course Attendance | On Leave
6. Workshops  Welcoming Schools: Gender Inclusive Schools | Mandatory Reporting
7. Grad School Change of Graduate Classification (Conditional to Masters)
Clinical Field Experience  Resource Links
1. What is Field Experience Required Prep Check List
2. FERPA Student Privacy & Security Guidelines
3. Step Progression Handbooks 2019-20 Sept Exp / Observation HdbkPracticum Term Hdbk | Student Teaching Hdbk
4. Forms Common Agreement | UOTeach Lesson Plans Template
5. Time Logs How to enter hours in TK20 Time Logs | TK20 Login
6. Key Assessments Mid-Term FEET | Final FEET | Professional Communication
Education Teacher Practicum Assessment (edtpa)  Resource Links
1. Navigating edTPA
2. Tk20 Licensure Database TK20 Login 
 Career Services  Resource Links
1. Resume Portfolio Handshake.,com
2. Job Search Fairs  Regional Fairs  | International
3. Job Postings COE Job Board | OR District HR Sites | Youth Services
4. Substitute Teaching
  Program Completion  Mid-High Completion Checklist
1. Apply for MEd Degree
2. TSPC Licensure Application  TSPC Contact Info | Out-of-State Licensure |
3 Commencement Activities Alumni Networking
4 Reinstate License