Preliminary License Application

— 1. Oregon Preliminary Licensure Application Requirements —

You need to have successfully completed your student teaching term, required ORELA endorsement assessments, the edtpa, and have a conferred degree.

The Oregon Preliminary Licensure is good for three years (from initial date) and transferable to other states.

— 2.Timeline

DatesLicensure StepsNotes
May EDST 607MH Seminar Application WorkshopApply for your Oregon Preliminary License
UO Duckweb request “degree transcript” sent to TSPC
May 30edTPA scores arrive to the COE from Pearson for first round submittersBegin resubmission process immediately if below passing
June 5Elementary Seminar Application Workshop Apply for OR Preliminary License
June 13edTPA arrive to the COE from Pearson for next round submittersBegin resubmission process immediately if below passing
June 18 Spring term grades are dueMeet with UOTeach director (Julie) to plan for INCOMPLETES
June 18ESOL ORELA passing score is Due for COE recommendation for ESOL
June 25Grad School Confirms DegreeMEd in Curriculum & Teaching
June 27edTPA arrive to the COE from Pearson for next round submittersBegin resubmission process immediately if below passing
July 15 Dean’s Office sends a Program Completion Report (PCR) to TSPC. UOTeach program completion includes 1.) student teaching passed, 2.) degree conferred, 3.) all required tests passed* The form TSPC requires from the Dean’s Office is called a Program Completion Report (PCR) .
* The PCR is filled out when you have completed the three requirements listed.
* You have three years to continue working on the Oregon licensure requirements to be recommended by the UO Dean’s Office.
July 15Degree Conferred to Graduate StudentBased on your request on May 29: The UO Registrar will send transcript to TSPC
July 20TSPC will begin issuing Oregon Preliminary Teaching Licenses. Check Educator Look Up and download license info.

Check Educator Look Up and download license info.

— 3. TSPC E-Licensure Application — 

  1. Open your TSPC E-Licensure application account
  2. Update your Personal Info and email on TSPC Dashboard
  3. ClickApplication” and check Completed an Oregon approved educator program
  4. Select “Clinical Practices” and type “Fingerprinting”
  5. Education Tab: add UOTeach Curriculum and Teaching as “Post-Bacc”  This helps expedite your licensure process.
  6. Submit online payment $150

TSPC Look-Up LInk:  If you have trouble with the application process, please email: for help.

— 4. Submit required “Post-Bacc transcript to TSPC —

  • Go to DuckWeb to request the UO Registrar send your Final MEd Degree Transcript” to TSPC (

— 5. Out-of-State Licensure —

Every state licenses teachers for that state. You will need to google the state you are interested in and look for how to apply for an out of state license. Some states will ask you to get a form from the UO COE in that process. If that is a requirement you will contact the DEAN’s Office for that purpose.

(Tips & Tricks see

— 6. Post Licensure —
Adding Endorsements Post Licensure

The Dean’s Office (Licensure Analyst) supports ongoing licensure questions and any Ed Prep Program information necessary for TSPC once you have your initial Oregon License.

In most cases, you may apply for and accept a teaching assignment in another state with an Oregon License.  You should begin the application process within that state immediately and inform the employer of your status.

You may schedule an appointment with Richelle Krotts for assistance with this application process beginning next week.  Please attempt to complete the application on your own prior to scheduling an appointment.

— 7. Hiring —

To help you search for jobs we have a list of links to Oregon district employment pages and job fairs. As you interview its important to know that regardless of the position you take, (temporary or not), you will be probationary (typically for 1-3 years).

— 8. Degree Transcript to HIRING DISTRICTS

To be hired at the Master’s level, you will also need to have the UO Registrar’s Office send a final MEd degree transcript for your district. Spring transcripts are finalized June 20 (the official last day of summer term), however the Registrar has up to 30 days to post the degree to transcripts. You can request a degree transcript through Duck Web but you must provide the physical address for the transcript be mailed. See Registrar Transcript Requests for hold for degree instructions.

—  9. Summary of Licensure