Winter Registration: Mid-High

Winter 2020 Mid / High School Strand registration begins November 18 (Mon). Full time students enroll in 4 classes / 15 credit hours. Any schedule difference must be approved by the Program Director to prevent later schedule conflicts.

To enter Winter Student Practicum (EDST 609):

  1. Complete all prior UOTeach course work with a cumulative 3.00 GPA or higher
  2. Successfully complete prior term of field experience and upload Time Log
  3. Have a passing Civil Rights test uploaded into TK20
Class #CourseCRNTimeDayBldg-Rm
1 Classroom MgmtEDST628: Supportive Clssrm Communities | Section 1221965:00-7:50 pmMon
1 Classroom MgmtEDST628: Supportive Clssrm Communities | Section 2260715:00-7:50 pmWedED116
2 Subject MethodsEDST622: Math Prob-Solv221935:00-8:50 pmTues146 HED
2 Subject MethodsEDST 624: SCI Prob-Solv221945:00-8:50Wed144 HED
2 Subject MethodsEDST 632: Engage Student Writing221985:00-8:50MonHED 142
2 Subject MethodsEDST 634: Sec-Lang221995:00-8:50Wed222 LIB
2 Subject MethodsEDST 636: SOC Inquiry222005:00-8:50ThursED 116
3 Other* Endorsement Area Method Elective OR Subject Area Course* (4 cr)VariesVaries
4 Practicum SeminarEDST609  Practicum & Seminar | MH Sec 1 | edtpa course test fee $300221904:00-4:50ThursPLC 353
4 Practicum SeminarEDST609  Practicum & Seminar | MH Sec 2 | edtpa course test fee $300221915:00-5:50ThursPLC 353
5. Sapsik'walá students ONLY EDST 610 Sapsik'walá Winter NA (Spring 3 credit)

*Other options: EDST, EDLD, EDUC, SPED, content area 500/600 MA level courses. ** Students interested in registering for non-COE electives must submit a UOTeach Alternative Elective Course Petition form. Registration in any course outside of EDST requires that you contact the faculty instructor with your name, UO ID#, and grad program status, to request enrollment approval.

Adding Endorsements – Students pursuing adding endorsements in or post-Licensure take the appropriate EDST method course fall or winter term. All students are to register for 4 classes, you have the option of taking a second methods course or finding a related masters level course from EDST, EDLD, EDUC, SPED or a graduate course from the primary content area you are pursuing. All courses must be taken at the graduate (500 or 600) level.Any elective may be:

  • Teaching career related graduate courses through the College of Education (e.g. content area courses, special education SPED, educational leadership EDLD, EDUCetc) see Class Schedule
  • Graduate level (500 or 600) or higher.
  • From the primary content endorsement area department**

UOTeach reserves the rights to make course changes right up until the start of the term in an effort to maintain balance in class sections.