2020 Pre-Orientation

Next Step Guide (updated 5/1/20)
Welcome! We are excited you will be joining us this summer as the twelfth UOTeach cohort.

The UOTeach Blog is designed to provide you with a searchable resource or roadmap to help you stay on top of classes, navigate program and licensure procedures, and access career prep opportunities. Please bookmark the UOTeach Current Student BLOG for use throughout the year.

We are taking advantage of our new ZOOM virtual meeting space to offer the following pre-summer course registration NEXT STEP meetings. In each we will briefly cover the material in the Next Step guide and then open it up for questions. Meetings are optional, the Zoom meeting password is “UOTeach”

Mid-High (Tuesday) Elementary  (Thursday)
April 28 4:00-5:00pm – Join Zoom Meeting April 30 4:00-5:00pm Join Zoom Meeting

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1) Getting In the System

As a new DUCK, your PAC (Personal Access Code)# is listed on your official UO Admissions Letter. You will use the PAC to set up your DUCKWEB and access WEBmail. For help, you can watch the How to Claim your DUCKID video

a) Claim your DUCK ID (95#) and UO email “___@uoregon.edu b) Activate your DUCKweb
c) Check your Webmail account for your Financial Aid award d) Upload ID Card Photo
e) Download the Be a DUCK app f) Access myUOHealth Student Portal to upload immunizations

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.51.19 PM

2) Field Placement Preference Form

Your field placement experience is central to your pre-service teacher training, as such, we are continuously working with district partners to make purposeful placement improvements.

Student teaching assignments are made by the faculty and partner school districts and not finalized until August.​ You will get your information on your Student Teaching assignment at the UOTeach Field Placement Orientation in August.

3) 2020-21 Financial Aid

By the first week in April, you should receive your 2020-21 (Fall-Spring) Financial Aid award letter. Your award will be based on your FASFA application and for up to the total cost of attendance, minus any other aid. Eligible students will also have the option of adding a Graduate PLUS loan to help cover the gap between the first loan and the rest of costs.

To receive summer term financial aid you will need to a) enroll in your summer classes in May and b) have completed a FAFSA for 2019-2020.

Financial Aid Timeline:

  • Jan – March: Students should complete FAFSAs for both 2019-20 and 2020-2021 (if they have not already)
  • Early April: Award letters for new UOTEACH students, current UO undergrads may also find a letter in their DUCKWEB account.
  • May 4-8: Student register for 2020 Summer term classes
  • June 22: Summer awards available in DuckWeb.
  • June 25: UOTeach Financial Aid Workshop (see “Fund My MEd“) at noon Zoom tba*
  • July 1 Summer 2020 tuition due (assessed tuition, plus current and past-due balance)

If you have not received an email, please email the Financial Aid office to check on your status (financialaid@uoregon.edu​).

UOTeach Overview & estimated Tuition and Fee breakdown

4) Immunization Requirements

The University Health Center (UHC) requires you to submit evidence of immunizations (vaccines) and to complete a Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire before arrival. If you haven’t already, please complete your mandatory vaccines:

*Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
*Varicella (chickenpox)
*Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap)
*Meningococcal Quadrivalent (Serogroups A, C, Y, & W-135) (MCV4, MPSV4)

Using your UO email, login to myUOHealth Student Portal and enter the dates of your completed vaccines. Then upload a copy of either your vaccine record or the Certificate of Immunization Status form provided by the UO. Complete the “Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire” in myUOHealth Student Portal. If you are at a higher risk of TB, you will be notified of further instructions.

The Health Center will place a pre-emptive hold on all incoming student accounts until they submit the immunization form and complete the TB screening questionnaire. For international students only, there is an additional pre-emptive hold that will be released only after submitting the health insurance compliance form.

5) Summer Class Registration 

UOTeach summer class registration is May 4 – 8. Log onto DuckWeb to register. (Fall Term class registration is in August).

Elementary Summer Classes

Elementary Class #CourseCRN16 CreditsTimeDay/DatesZoom
1. ESOL TheoryLT629: Found of Lang 423074830-0950 T/R
8:00-8:50 F
T/R/F (6/22-8/16)
2. Curricular Theory (Sec 1)EDST620: Understnd Curric Contrvrs (formerly Ev Math Wars)4182348:00-10:20MW (6/22-8/16)Canvas
Curricular Theory (Sec 2)EDST620: Understnd Curric Contrvrs (4 crds) (formerly Ev Math Wars)4182211:00-1:20MW (6/22-8/16)Canvas
3. Ed Psych *EDST612: Found of Teach/Learning41820310:00-11:50TR (6/22-8/16)Canvas
4. ESOL TheoryEDST616: Lang Power & Ed 418214WebMTWRF (7/20-8/16)Web
5. MgmtEDST627: Intro Supp Learn Comm | field observation4182413:00-5:50 (+15 hrs/wk)T (8/31-9/27)142 HED

Note: EDST 620 is team taught under two separate sections

Mid-High Cohort Summer Classes

Mid-High Class #CourseCRNCreditTimeDay/DatesZOOM
1. ESOL TheoryLT629: Found Lang Theory423084MW 8:30-9:50
F 9-9:50
mwf 6/22-8/16
2. Ed PsychEDST612: Found of Teach/Learning41819 or 41820310:00-11:50tr 6/22-8/16Canvas
3. Curriculum TheoryEDST630: Curric & Cultural Cnflct (formerly Humanities Curric)4182641:00 - 3:20mtwr 6/22-7/19
4. ESOL TheoryEDST616: Lang Power & Ed418214Webmtwrf 7/20-8/16Canvas
5. Mgmt EDST627: Intro Supp Learn Comm & Field Observation4182513:00-5:50t 8/31-9/27Hedco 220

Note: LT 629 and EDST 612 have two sections, if the first section is full, you will need to sign up for the second section.


6) Final Degree Transcripts

If you are completing your undergraduate degree spring 2020 from a university other than the University of Oregon, please be sure to have your official final degree transcript sent to the Office of Admissions. If your degree institutions offers official electronic copies you may have them send your transcripts directly to registrar@uoregon.edu (link sends e-mail).

7) Resolving Conditional Admission Status

Incoming candidates with “Conditional” admission status must email a “Change of Graduate Classification” form with the appropriate NES/ORELA and/or pre-requisite coursework documentation by August 14 to uoteach@uoregon.edu. All conditional admit status must be resolved for teacher candidates to enter any form of UOTeach field placement.

Mid-High cohort:

  • Candidates who were not able to email a passing NES/ORELA subject area test by June 14, will now have until August 14 to email passing test results. An email with a pdf of the official results and completed Change of Graduate Classification form must be submit by August 14. Candidates who are unable to meet this deadline are responsible for setting up a Zoom meeting with UOTeach.

Elementary cohort:

  • Candidates who were admitted to UOTeach prior to providing official evidence of having completed the required 200 level or higher Math or physical education prerequisites, must submit a “Change of Graduate Classification” form with official course or passing NES/ORELA Elementary subtest II documentation by August 14.  Candidates who are unable to meet this deadline are responsible for setting up a Zoom meeting with UOTeach.
  • Elementary candidates with the required pre-requisite math courses (MATH 211-213, EDST 471/472), are not required to submit passing NES/ORELA Elementary Subtest I&II scores for program admission. However, it is highly recommendation that these licensure required tests are taken before entering the UOTeach program or soon after.

Candidates with unresolved conditional status will be required to postpone the start of field experience, EDST 627, and fall term course registrations. Candidates in this predicament have two options, 1. take a leave from the program until the NES/ORELA admission requirement is resolved or 2. switch to the degree only Curriculum & Teacher Education program for an MS degree (this does not include any field placement or path to licensure).

8) Searching for Housing Options?

See our Cohort to Cohort: Program FAQ

9) Recommended Reading

Foundational reading is critical to begin your journey into the field of education. Many of you will ask for reading recommendations to get you started on this path. Below are three books I recommend you read over the next few months as you prepare to begin your master’s program in teaching. 

1. What Kind of Citizen?
Educating Our Children for the Common Good
by Joel Westheimer (2015)
2.  American Education, by Joel Spring (2017) 3. Why We Teach Now, by Sonia Nieto (2014)

These books help introduce you to the learning you will experience in UOTeach. They present the current state of education in the U.S. and explore what we need to do to build a system of high-achieving and equitable schools that “ensures every child the right to learn.”

10) Plan Ahead: UOTeach Calendar

You will need a planner for your year in UOTeach! You will be juggling classes, your field placement, trainings/workshops, and your home life. To help, please purchase a physical “Teacher Planner” and bring it to orientation. Here are some calendar options:


Summer Start Up Calendar & Orientation

  • April 28 Mid-High Next Step Guide: Zoom Check In, 1:00pm or 4pm (optional)
  • April 30 Elementary Next Step Guide: Zoom Check In, 1:00pm or 4pm (optional)
  • May 4-8 Summer Course Registration to qualify for Summer FinAid
  • Jun 15 Due: Secondary final NES/ORELA admission results (moved to Aug 14)

Orientation is an opportunity to learn about UOTeach, COE, and the university from the people who know it best, a combination of professional staff, professors, and current students. Be ready to become part of an educational learning community.

Throughout summer, we will offer various ongoing program orientation event / workshops to help support cohort building, career teacher knowledge and resilience.

DateElementary CohortMid-High CohortLocation
6/19th(F)Program Orientation 8:30-3:30pmProgram Orientation 8:30-3:30pmZoom (link tba)
6/22 (M)Financial aid refunds become availableFinancial aid refunds become availablecheck DuckWeb
6/22 (M)Summer session-1 classes beginSummer session-1 classes beginDetails in Canvas
6/25 (R)Financial Aid workshopFinancial Aid workshopZoom Link
7/1Summer 2020 tuition due Summer 2020 tuition due
7/3 (F)Holiday observedHoliday observed
July 10Elementary July 10 1:00 to 2:30 via ZoomUOTeach Mid-High | July 10 3:00 - 4:30 via ZOOM Bus: TSPC Clearance, Fall Registration Advising
7/20 (M)Summer session-2 classes beginSummer session-2 classes begin
Aug 14Elementary 1:00 - 2:30PMMid-High 3:00-4:30Bus: Field Placement
8/15Course breakCourse break (8/15-8/23)
8/30Fall term course registrationFall term course registrationDuckWeb
9/7 (M)Labor DayLabor Dayobserved
9/2 (T)Welcoming Schools & Culturally Supportive Learning Communities Welcoming Schools & Culturally Supportive Learning Communities tba
9/24 (R)Mandatory Reporting Wkshp, 10:30 to 12:00 Mandatory Reporting Wkshp, 10:30 to 12:00 (tba)


11) Student Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

You should familiarize yourself not only with the UO student records privacy policy, but as a future teacher with student rights in general and the issues around consent and procedures for reviewing educational records. Under FERPA eligible students have the right to a) inspect and review student’s education records, b) request amendment of inaccurate/misleading records, c) prevent disclosure of information without consent.

As a UOTeach students we will have you submit a signed FERPA Release Form during orientation to authorize UOTeach to work with district partners to arrange your field experience. This release will remain in effect until and unless specifically revoked by me in writing.

12) Summer in Eugene

  • When on campus, carry a water bottle because, yes, it gets hot in the summer, and one-time disposable plastic water bottles are the enemy. In addition bring your hiking shoes, sun screen and swim suite. Oregon is lovely in the summer.
  • Connect & create UOTeach community activities – when campus re-opens, organize or join a softball team, ride the Blackberry Bramble, or float down the Willamette river.
  • Maintain healthy school life balance habits – join a Rec Center yoga class, climbing, or basketball team. Stop by the UO Health Center to for health check ups and to access dental care, and the pharmacy. Be well by attending a Counseling Center support group services.
  • Bring your BIKE – don’t have a bike, get one through the UO bike rental program or sign up for the Eugene Bike Share! Our campus and community is bike-friendly, with trails, bike lanes, and bike events. Join Eugene Moonlight Mash rides