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Preliminary License

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Licensure and MEd completion requirements include meeting a) admission standards and criminal history clearance, b) successful academic performance, effectiveness of clinical training, and c) passing related standardized exams.

The College of Education supports the following TSPC Licensure steps:

  1. Following orientation, you will be given instructions on how to create a Oregon TSPC “Clinical Practice” eLicensing application for the processing of your criminal history clearance and steps to complete the Fingerprint process. This process must be complete before you are able to start your August student practicum.
  2. After successfully completing the Student Teaching portion of the program and all of your ORELA proficiency exams, you will then need to apply for your Oregon teaching license. Following a full file review, the COE Licensure Analyst will submit a University licensure recommendation.
  3. Transferring your license out-of-state

Renewals are between you and TSPC. Be sure to check your eLicensing account to make sure you have updated your email.

  • To be eligible for the Professional license at your first renewal requires you have either 4 full-time years of teaching experience or 6 years of .5 or higher experience.
  • TSPC typically sends out a renewal notification and explanation four months prior to expiration.
  • You will submit your “degree transcript” to TSPC to demonstrate completion of the master’s,
  • Your district(s) will submit PEER forms ( to TSPC

Adding Endorsements

EDST has a Stand-Alone Endorsement only program that allows you to add an endorsement with COE support.

Apply for Master’s of Education (MEd) Degree – Apply for degree by July 1 at or second Friday of last term in UOTeach.

  • Select Curriculum & Teaching major (not “Curriculum and Teacher Education”).
  • Do not select any other certificates, minors, or second majors.
  • UOTeach students DON’T complete a thesis for the program.
  • The Master’s degree information is not fully displayed on transcripts until 30 days after the end of the term. The 2016 Summer term officially ends on September 9th.

License Timing

As long as your license is awarded by mid to late August, all summer credits will count toward your future renewal.

Questions?  Contact Richelle Krotts at

Term Student Responsibility COE and TSPC
(term completing licensure course work)

* June – complete e-Licensure

* June – to avoid grades not appearing on transcripts, complete all UO course evaluations ASAP

* June – request official transcripts post spring term grades for TSPC (check box, transcript will be sent 6/16/20016)

*June (post edTPA work sample grading and all e-licensure requirements are complete) UO COE submits a recommendation
(term completing MEd course work)

* July – apply for MEd degree through Grad School (second Friday of last term)

* September – request final MEd transcripts for employer

* TSPC application review

* TSPC issues licenses (July – August)