Licensure Check List

Licensure Check Lists: Elementary and Mid-High School

1. Academic and Testing Requirements

  • Passing scores on all required tests: ORELA Elementary Education subtests 1 & 2, ORELA Civil Rights, ORELA ESOL and (Secondary only) required ORELA test for each subject area endorsement
  • Successful Completion of all coursework (or the equivalent with program-approved waivers)
  • Passing scores on all edTPA teacher candidate written assessments
  • Passing scores at the final student teaching evaluation on the Professional Growth Assessment

2. Requirements for Master in Education Degree

  • Successful completion of all necessary coursework in the licensure program. Further, the Graduate School requires that at least 24 credits in the program be taken for a grade.

3. Graduate School Policies (Master’s Degrees)

  • Students enrolled in a graduate degree program must attend the university continuously and register for at least three credits each term until the degree is received. Up to three terms of leave can be requested by submitting a Request for On-Leave Status. ( In the term the degree is received, the student must register for at least three graduate credits.
  • Transfer credits ˗ All University of Oregon coursework taken prior to admission to the master’s program, as well as all coursework from other institutions, is considered transfer work. A maximum of 15 credit hours may be transferred into a master’s degree program. All transfer work must be approved by an adviser. At the time the master’s degree is awarded, no coursework over seven years old will be accepted or counted toward degree requirements.
  • Students must maintain at least a 3.0 overall grade point average (GPA) in all graduate courses taken. Grades of D+ or lower are not accepted for graduate credit, but are computed in the GPA. A grade N in a Pass/No Pass course is not accepted for graduate credit. A grade of P must be equal to or better than a B-. A GPA below 3.0 at any time during a graduate student’s studies or the accumulation of more than five credits of N or F grades, regardless of the GPA, is considered unsatisfactory. The dean of the Graduate School, after consultation with the UOTeach program, may drop the student from the Graduate School, thus terminating the student’s degree program.