Clinical Practice Application

Oregon requires (ORS 342.223. Chapter 584-050-0012) all teacher trainer students undergo a Criminal History Background check or provide proof of an active license prior to entering schools for field placement. Under the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) rules, fingerprinting is restricted to the specific institute for which they are taken and specifically prohibit sharing of this information between institutions.TSPC uses an online e-licensure application system to ensure the following are recorded:

  1. Fingerprinting (checks Oregon and FBI criminal records)
  2. LEDS (Law Enforcement Data System, the Oregon State Police database), and
  3. Responses to Character Questions

Completing this process could take between 4 to 8 weeks depending on your situation. Be sure to start early to ensure you are able to purchase your COE Professional Practicing ID Badge in time for the start of the September Field Experience.

Summer Term Timeline Activity
Week 1 & 2 UOTeach offers a TSPC Clearance workshops
Week 3-4 Complete Fieldprint Fingerprinting process
Week 6-7 Upload TSPC approval email with name & clearance date to COE qualtrics form
Week 8-9 Purchase Practicing Professional ID Badge from the EMU card office prior to Fall September Experience
  • Note: All Educational Foundations undergraduate alumni are required by TSPC to complete a new clearance check for the graduate level student practicum.
  • Candidates without a Social Security Card (SSC) number (e.g. Int’l, Dreamers) are able to apply for the TSPC background check but must email TSPC at directly to request a substitute number. It’s not necessary to give a reason; all they have to say is that they don’t have an SSN.

5-Step Completion Process: Connecting State -> Fieldprint -> COE ->Badge Office

  • Step 1 TSPC Clinical Practices Application ($71.00)-
  • Step 2 – Fieldprint Fingerprint Scanning (link in TSPC email, $12.50)
  • Step 3 – Confirmation of TSPC Approval LookUp –
  • Step 4 – Upload verification to COE Authorizations Survey –
  • Step 5 – Purchase your UO Practicing Professional card ($10.00) at EMU Card Office

Questions about the fingerprinting / background check process?  Contact or TSPC directly.

Be a UO Card Carrying Pre-Service Teacher! 

The COE processes ID Badges every Wednesday for the EMU Card Office. To purchase your COE Professional Practicing ID Badge go to the EMU ground floor. There will be a $7 charge.

  • This badge is required and must be visible at all times during your Field Experience.
  • Students placed in school districts or other agencies requiring background or security clearances in addition to those required to obtain a COE ID badge must comply with the policies and procedures of the school district or agency.
  • The COE ID badges is valid for three years.
  • Passing the TSPC clearance is required to continue with the UOTeach program.

Note, all students should have a Practicing Professional ID badge to enter their field placement site. EdF Elementary strand students with valid Practicing Professional ID badge are not required to pay the $7 for a new card.

Exception: Licensed teachers with prior Oregon TSPC approval must provide UOTeach with verification from

Background Clearance – Fingerprinting – adapted from