Licensure FAQ’s

FAQs regarding Teacher License

  • When will I get my license? If all items were completed by end of term, your license should be issued mid-term of following term (e.g. July).
  • What if I am accepting a job in another state? Contact COE’s Licensure Analyst, Richelle Krotts right away for guidance with process of transferring Oregon license to another state.
  • What is a “highly qualified” teacher? No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation requiring teachers to be “highly qualified” has been replaced by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) resulting in the elimination of the highly qualified distinction for now.
  • How long will my license last? The first license lasts 3 years, plus however long until your next birthday. For example, if your license is issued in July 2016 and your birthday is in October, your first license will come up for renewal in October 2019.
  • What is the Oregon renewal process?
    • A Preliminary license can be renewed indefinitely with 75 continuing Professional Development Units (PDUs) each 3-year licensure period. If you receive your license before second summer courses end, these courses count toward your renewal.
    • A Professional Teaching is the next highest license available, it requires 4 full-time years of licensed teaching experience and advanced PDUs.