Career Prep

UOTeach career development and licensure services includes opportunities to learn from experienced teaching professionals, professional associations, district partners and alumni. We work with you throughout the year to help you gain the experience, familiarity, and preparation for the job search process.

5 Step TSPC Field Placement CLEARANCE

No candidate is to be granted field experience access to k-12 students prior to having been awarded TSPC FBI and OSP Criminal History Background Clearance. 

  1. Clinical Practices Application DYI ($90.00)- TSPC Link:
  2. Fieldprint Fingerprint Scanning (link in TSPC email, $12.50)
  3. Confirmation of TSPC Approval LookUp
  4. Upload verification to COE Google Doc –
  5. Purchase your UO Practicing Professional card ($10.00) at EMU Card Office

Career Workshops & Training Modules:

1. FERPA – FERPA 101,FERPA 201,UO FERPA policy
2. TITLE IX and Sexual Harassment in K-12 Schools
3. School Climate & Learning
4. Safe Place to LearnDevelopmentally Appropriate Strategies to Prevent, Intercede, & Respond

5. ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) – most districts use a combination of district and national video trainings

Workshops (mandatory):
* Welcoming Schools
* Mandatory Reporting Law Workshop

COE Career Services:

I.  EDST 607 Seminar Career & Resume Planning – Winter & Spring terms 
2. Practice Job Interview Workshop – Winter term
3. COE Job Fair – Winter term
4. Preliminary License Application
5. Out-of-State Licensing


* Educator Job Fair Schedule
* School District Hiring Page Links 
* UO Career Center Handshake & Resources
* Resume | Application & Interviewing Tips:

  1. Resume portfolio resources
  2. Interview Practice Questions & Tips
  3. Job Fair Opportunities
Feedback/suggestion from COE Job Fair participants:

When approaching district recruiters at the job fair

  • Think about what the hiring team is looking for and how best to approach them as prospective employers.
  • Remember the first impression is pretty important from a recruiter standpoint.
  • The importance of the “fit” for the position and the climate for a particular building often determines if the candidate is successful in any particular school.
  • We have to assume that they have the content knowledge as we look at transcripts so it is really more about how will this candidate fit in with the rest of the population of students, staff and parents.”
COE Job Posts Maria Copelan - Beaverton SD,