Adding Endorsement(s) & Renewing

Once you have your preliminary license, you can apply to add additional post license  endorsements.

To teach in an area you are not endorsed, you can apply for an LCA (Limited Conditional License). This allows you to teach whatever you’re trying to add (e.g. Social Studies) for 1 year. During that year you have to take the ORELA and get observed for “60 hours” by a Social Studies teacher and the district signs off on it.

Renewing your License

  • To renew, you’ll be required to complete 25 professional development units (PDUs) per license year or 75 total for your license. Details about PDUs, including what counts, how much each type of activity counts for, and how to have them approved when you aren’t working for a school district, are posted at
  • If you are not teaching, you can also consider not renewing your license and then reclaiming it when/if you need it. There are additional fees, test, and PDUs required to cover the years in which your license was expired that often makes this challenging.