Financial Workshops

As a graduate student you often find yourself juggling the pressures of your personal life, health and wellness, schooling and career, and finances. Here are some resources we hope will help you pull all the pieces together.

Financial Aid

Feeling Financially Strapped? Here are some small but helpful cost saving resources:

Health | Campus Safety | K-12 Safety

We encourage everyone to find a healthy balance of self-care, professional growth, and career readiness. Hopefully, this includes time at the UO Rec Center, taking advantage of free visits to the Counseling Center, and other healthy choices.

Welcoming Schools Workshop

Welcoming Schools Workshop

We live in a world and a time when violence can encroach on our lives. As we all work to take precautions, here are some campus safety resources and tips.

  • UO Safe – victims & survivors
  • Sign up for UOAlert via DuckWeb, cell and email alerts
  • Review the UO Emergency Procedures Guide,
  • Make your own emergency supply kit,
  • Check building evacuation maps (posted in hallways) for evacuation routes and assembly area
  • Use UO Safe Ride when traveling alone at night: 541-346-RIDE

As student teachers, there are additional trainings and resources that you are required to complete annually to help ensure you are ready to help students in your classrooms and able to follow protocols.

  1. Tips for Talking to Children about School Violence
  2. The Children are Always Watching
  3. Faculty Specific Recommendations – includes sample emergency information for syllabi:
  4. Staff Specific Recommendations – includes basic emergency information
  5. Departmental Emergency Plan Template
  6. On-line Training – the full version of the training including our campus specific portions and access to the Shots Fired on Campus video:  (Please note, when you follow the link, you will get an Access denied message, but the sentence below has a link to log in. If you click that and use your DuckId, you’ll be able to access the video).


Professionalism Guidelines

Laws & Regulations:

Cohort 7 Wrapping it up!

Cohort 7 – Wrapping it up!

Graduate School Policies