Health & Safety

1.College of Education Grad Lounge Key Access

Graduate students interested in getting after hour access to Hedco, Lokey Ed, or the Grad Lounge can fill out the UOID Key Access request form, providing first and last names, UOID # and the PROX number (on the back top right corner of your UO ID card).

After Hours Key Access Survey

2.Healthy Living: Student Rec | UO Health |Counseling Centers | Family Support

Graduate school can be stressful, to help you maintain a healthy balanced life,
we encourage you to become a regular user of the Rec Center – as student, you are paying for these and many other services through your term “fees.”

Please take advantage of the comprehensive healthcare and counseling center services that you are paying for with your student fees. These include individual and group counseling, general medical care to specialty services including pharmacy, laboratory, dental, X-ray, physical therapy, and sports medicine.

  • Counseling Center & 24-hour Crisis: 541-346-3227
  • Health Center & 24-hour Crisis: 541-346-2770
  • UO Grad Families: register for the Grad School listserve
  • Childcare Subsidy, Student Government Engagement and Success (SGES),
  • Parent & Family Help Line: 541-346-3234

3.Academic Supports: Accessibility Education Center, 164 Oregon Hall, 541-346-1155

The UO is dedicated to the principles of equal opportunity in education and accepts diversity as an affirmation of individual identity within a welcoming community. Disability is recognized as an aspect of diversity integral to the university and to society. Educational Studies recognizes that people learn in different ways and may have learning challenges. We want to make it possible for every student to be successful in classes. If there are ways we can help you succeed, please set up a meeting with the UOTeach Director / Academic Advisor as early as possible.

Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance: 541-346-3423

UO Ombuds Office: 541-346-6400

4.  Personal Safety & School Safety Training – UO Police Emergency: 911 non-emergency: 541-346-2919

We take campus and student safety seriously here at the University of Oregon. The UO Police Department (UOPD) is on call 24/7. There are yellow emergency call boxes around campus that students may use should they ever feel unsafe. Each call box is connected to UOPD dispatchers, who send an officer to the student’s location on campus. UOPD also offers safety escorts.

It is vitally important that if you see or learn information about a crime or suspicious activity that you call police right away. Report criminal activity (such as a break-in or intruder, robbery, or assault) immediately.

We urge every member of campus to act to protect themselves.
Here are safety tips from the UO Police Department:

  • Use UO Safe Ride (541-346-7433 ext. 2) or Designated Driver Shuttle (541-346-RIDE ext. 1), or the UO Campus Shuttle. (, call a taxicab, or contact UOPD for an on-campus escort (541-346-2919).
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you see someone in distress make yourself known and offer assistance if it is safe to do so and seek immediate help from police or security personnel.
  • Every person and situation is different; survivors must decide for themselves what actions or responses are safest in any situation. If someone attempts to touch you against your will, you have the right to yell “NO” loudly, or do whatever is necessary to get the person to let go, and flee to a safe place and seek help.
  • When safe, try to remember as much as possible about the person’s appearance and behavior. Regardless of what happens during an incident, you have the right to report the crime and to receive services and accommodations.

The UO provides extensive resources to students impacted by crime. The Office of the Dean of Students is available to ensure students can receive advocacy, counseling, medical help, academic support, and other aid.
Here are those resources:

Office of the Dean of Students 541-346-3216 | | walkin
Crisis Intervention & Sexual Violence Support Services 541-346-8194
Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) 541-343-7277 (24-hour crisis line) or 541-484-9791
Womenspace 541-485-8232 or 541-485-6513 (24-hour crisis line)
White Bird Clinic Counseling 541-342-8255 or 541-687-4000 (24-hour crisis line)
ASUO Student Legal Services

5. Violence Prevention and Active Shooter video trainings related to School Safety:

•  Speak up at School: Anti-Bias training,

•  Training: Violence Prevention and Active Shooter,