Cooperating Teachers

UOTeach prepares teacher leaders to have a lasting impact on the learning and lives of Oregon youth. Our partnerships with cooperating teachers and our University Supervisor mentor/coaches serve as the basis for promoting authentic engagement and rigor and the platform for pre-service teachers to learn and practice culturally responsive teaching techniques.

At the HEART of UOTeach:

Our philosophy is that each child deserves the best teachers; all good teachers need extensive subject area preparation, mentorship, extensive socio-cultural knowledge, and culturally responsive teaching skills; and all teachers play an important role in creating welcoming, inclusive, and safe schools and communities.

In partnership with you, students learn:

  • Subject Area Expertise – advanced training in core subject area curriculum and methods.
  • Equity Literacy – extensive instruction on the sociocultural context of teaching and learning.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching – through methods courses, workshops, and practicum experiences focus on CRT.
  • Embedded ESOL Endorsement – to serve culturally and linguistically diverse youth.

UOTeach Contacts:

Elementary: Kara Whipple

Mid-High: Robin Patterson

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UOTeach Anti-Oppressive and Culturally Sustaining Educational Philosophy

We believe that each cooperating teachers plays a critical role in the development of teacher candidates and their success in connections between the sociocultural context of students lives and the thinkers, learners, and doers they can become.

We envision schools

  • where no student lives on the margins.
  • where teachers, administrators, and staff members thoughtfully and consistently work towards social justice, knowing that such work is never easy, never uncomplicated, and never finished.
  • oriented toward the public good rather than corporate models of efficiency and growth.
  • that are transcultural rather than assimilationist.
  • where students and educators collaborate to challenge the brutalizing impacts of homophobia, sexism, racism, nationalism, classism, ableism, and ecological exploitation.
  • that foster hope.

We are holding ourselves as collectively accountable for the Education Debt

We aspire to create a community and culture of critical compliance, which we understand to require simultaneously examining carefully the mandates that govern educational spaces—standards, curricula, assessments, accountability measures—and supporting students in the successful completion of those mandates.

We are making a commitment to improve the educational experiences of diverse Oregonians

We seek opportunities for thoughtful resistance, openings for forwarding alternative visions of teaching and teaching practices, of assessment and accountability, and of schools and schooling.